What We Do

Current Programs

Since starting Riceman, we have seen exceptional growth, in the number of volunteers all the way to the number of people that have accepted Christ as their Savior. We have not only been able to spread the word of God, but we also have expanded our services to cover education, food and housing.


Teaching and Living the truths of Jesus Christ by being able to come into the villages as servants to the people and God and not as elites to be served.


With Riceman providing education that helps villagers understand English and Khmer it opens the door for them to both help the people in life skills as well as develop deep, meaningful relationships with them.


Riceman identifies families in many villages who are undernourished and provides them with food to help with their physical needs.


Riceman provides housing not only to students attending the University but also for families in the villages. They are able to build homes for the people who are trapped in poverty.