Our Story

Riceman Origins


How Riceman started

On a mission trip to Cambodia, God touched my heart and gave me a love for the Cambodian people. While on the trip I had a translator, EngChy Kin. He was a stand-up, intelligent young man but more importantly, he had a love for the Lord. Together, we decided to start a project called The Riceman. Over the years, he has grown the ministry and continued to reach more and more people. Now Riceman has grown into a program that helps hundreds of people in multiple villages that not only spreads the word of God but also provides food, education, and housing

Our Desire

We aspire to share the love of Christ to the people of Cambodia by providing for their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

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Why We Do It

To see the kingdom of God glorified. We want to see the love of God shared with the Cambodian people who need it most, by coming alongside local citizens and lending a helping hand, while sharing the gospel.