Lending the families of Cambodia a helping hand!

 What We Do


Spreading the gospel of the families of Cambodia


Providing food to those in need


Educating the under privileged


Helping build better living conditions

The Riceman
Changes Lives

Meet Lala

I was 8 years old when I met The Riceman. Both of my parents have passed away, and I am living with my grandmother. I had taught myself how to read, but never had a real education because we could not afford school. The Riceman sent me to school. I am currently a teenager, still enrolled in school and excelling

 Projects By Region


The people of Sen Sok were moved there after their land was burned down. We choose to help this village because they have a high age population along with AIDS and HIV. The people that live in this village mostly live in small dirt floored homes. Riceman is able to help with their housing along with their health.


The people in the Tropangskon village are an amazing community. Riceman was able to go in and help with their education by sharing the gospel with this woman who was ill. She accepted the Lord as a savior and wanted to spread the gospel to the rest of the people in her village by reading to them in the church that she has under her house.

Kingdom of Cambodia