Weekly Report June 6-11 2021


An update of Cambodia’s situation and our groups in the villages

Right now there are some communes which are still in lockdown in Phnom Penh, Takeo and Siem Reap province. So far there are 300 deaths. There are still about 600 cases of Covid-19 everyday. Most of them are factory workers. 

The Week

This week I visit some villages. I visit Troprangprey village. We can not have a group meeting. I just visit some members of the group at their homes, but I have to wear a mask and maintain a distance.  Everyone is well. Mr. Sao and his family moved to settle in the part of the village. The rich has bought the land around his property. He has no way out for travelling so he sold his in cheap price to them, but he still can buy a piece of land which is a lot smaller than his land. 

I also visit some people in Sdok Ork village. They are well, but a daughter of Mrs. Kia who works in a garment factory got Covid 19. The authorities locked down a few houses in the village. I can talk to them from the outside of the fence. I also visited Mr. Yorn. His family and he are doing well. His cousin has been a Christian for a long time, but does not believe in the Father and the Holy Spirit. His cousin persecutes him when he uses the name of the Father and Holy Spirit. Please pray for him. 

I can not visit Tropangkdol village because of the covid there. The village leader does not want me to visit his village yet.  

I also visit Sensok community today. There was an old man who died of Covid 19 and one family got Covid 19 in this community. Only a few houses in the community are locked down. Please pray for them too. 

Channoeurn and his family are doing well. I just bought 800kg of rice for him to distribute to those in need. 

As for us, we are doing well. Mlis already got two jabs of Chinese vaccine. I also got the first jab of a Chinese vaccine. I will get another jab on the 16th. Right after we got vaccinated. We don’t have any fever or reaction. Many of those who got Chinese vaccines still get infected with Covid and must follow the guidelines of the ministry of health. After we get two jabs, we will get a card to show that we are vaccinated and easy for us to get around.